Saturday, October 27, 2012

Should Pregnant Woman Workout?

The big question that even I did not know when I first got pregnant with Nolan my first born, should pregnant woman workout?

Picture found at Fit Yummy Mummy- I am loving this blog by the way.

Well yes exercise is always good, now on how intense you workout just depends on how in shape you are and whether or not you have been working out previous to being pregnant.

Now as most of you know I gained most of my weight when I was pregnant with my first, and looking back I wish I would have done something. I did not workout all the time before and when I got pregnant I was always so tiered the last thing that I wanted to do was get out of the house and workout. But looking back I wish I would have.

So if you are pregnant and you are not sure what your body can handle, first ask your doctor if they think it is safe to workout, "more than likely it is" then all you have to do is get to it.

What I would suggest is at minimum to go for a walk a day 15-30 min. If you are already working out, then just continue doing what you are doing. Do not max out or do anything that will cause you to strain, but do not stop just because you are pregnant.

I know my next pregnancy I will be hitting the gym and walking a lot more than I did before.

If you have any specific questions just ask!

Happy Pregnancy and enjoy you body and baby :)


Author C Michelle Ramsey said...

I have 3 children and did not work out with any of them...and I regretted it. My last two I knew better because I was working for the YMCA and several branches offer classes specializing in workouts for pregnant women. I never worked out consistently until this year, my children are 19, 12 & 11. I lost 32 pounds & I am at my target weight & working on toning. I also encourage all pregnant mothers to do so and not use the baby as an excuse as I did.

Elle Sees said...

i can't have kids, but will pass this on those my many preggo friends :)


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