Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Just a small rant! I'm over it.

I have much on my mind, and I'm not to sure how I to get it off my chest without sounding harsh. It has to do with people and body image. I just read an article that a woman wrote about how upset she was about the new movie coming out Suicide Squad. Check it out. Watch it. What do you think?

I personally do not read comics. But I do love movies based on comics. When I first came read this article written by a so-called "feminist." So goes on and on about how upset she is that Harley Quinn the female lead in Suicide Squad is not a plus sized woman. As I read this article, I just could not believe how upset this woman was. Now let me confirm. I have never read the actual comic and have no idea if  Harley Quinn was plus sized. Was she? Let's find a picture from the comic. 

She does not look plus sized to me. But that's just me. There were other photos I saw of her that may indicate that she has a big bum. But that could also come from being fit. Fit women have big bums. Super Heros are supposed to be fit. Why, why must every little thing in today's world have to be about something? Big women, little women, skinny women. Something is wrong if that is what it is all about. No, we do not need to celebrate anyone being "BIG". It's not healthy. Being big is NOT healthy. Not eating is NOT healthy. We need to look not at how someone looks or their size. We need to love one another and stop hating on people. DC did what they felt fit for a Super Hero movie. Why must every little thing be about something? Let's wait and see what the movie is like when it comes out and then we can talk about it. And I'm not talking about the size of someone. As for the woman who wrote this hateful article and claims to be a feminist. You need to take a long look at yourself and I will pray for you. 

The end. I'm done. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Good Green Beans WITHOUT Bacon.

I love my green beans, always have. All vegetables actually. My husband sometimes likes to call me a rabbit due to the fact that I love my veggies. My husband and I always "use" eat our green beans with bacon yes bacon. The bacon that you can smell from a mile away because you just love it so much. Bacon. When I decided to start eating healthier bacon was one thing that had to be cut from my diet. There is this one aspect about bacon, in case you didn't know it's not so healthy for you :) For the logiest time I was having to make 2 batches of green beans. One for Jared and one for me. I finally found a way to make my green bean taste well enough for my husband to enjoy them and it's just a small little secret. A small little secret that I want to share with you so that we can all be healthy together. Just give it one try. I'm sure you will like it. Maybe not love it as much as you do with bacon in it. But it is a good compromise.

Fist I use coconut oil to soften white onions.
Then I add the green beans.
Season them with garlic salt and black pepper
OK now this is the secret, a small amount of LEMON JUICE! Yes lemon juice. 
Its not that big of a secret but that's how I do it and now Jared will eat them and I can eat them without the bacon. Healthier green beans.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dear Weak Ashley (Guest Post)

Ashley Rooth 

Dear Weak Ashley,

I get it. You're dying for a piece of candy. Maybe it's not the candy (or the pastries, or whatever), maybe you're bored, you're hungry, you're tired of thinking about the candy all day and you're just saying screw it. One bite, one piece, one serving/helping, and then I'm done, I'll go to the gym, I'll go home for the night, I'm still on track. 

You're bored. 

This is absolutely the stupidest reason imaginable to throw yourself off track, feel disappointed in yourself and your lack of self-control, give yourself a belly you'll have to work off for four days, screw up the carb deficit that I work hard every single day to create, feel cranky, avoid plans with friends or your boyfriend, dread the weekend, add stress to your already stressful life, etc. Remember, you never get bored of accidentally discovering how slim you are, whether it's in the fitting room, when lining up progress pictures, in the locker room at the gym, when you catch a glimpse of yourself in a window as you walk down the street, when someone calls you "slim" or "toned" or "fit". THOSE THINGS never get boring. Focus on how fun and exciting that part of the process is and ignore the rest. For my sake.

You're hungry.

Go drink four glasses of water right now. Back? OK. Are you still hungry? If so, email someone you can confide in. Or eat a bar, or go microwave some broccoli. You know that will fill you up and do good things for your body and your goals. You don't want the broccoli? Then you're not hungry.

You're saying "Screw it."

If you want to quit this journey, decide to quit and then you can eat pizza and drink beer every night. You can go out with your friends and eat hors d'oeuvres all night long. You won't feel good, but at least you'll be free.

So ... is it the freedom that you really want? No. You're having a momentary lapse. Well, think about me. The one who batch cooks on Sunday night, the one with abs, the one who's going to stand up on stage in front of 10,000 people and turn her back and stick out her butt. I'm the one who feels awesome in her clothes, the one who prances around the gym like she owns the place, the one who drags herself out of bed to do fasting cardio, the one who inspires her family, and friends. Think about what you're doing to ME, Strong Ashley, when you let a momentary "oh f*ck it" overtake and overcome all of the hard work I put in every single day, every time I go to a bar and wave off the waiter when he asks what I want to drink, every time I skillfully assemble a healthy, trap-free meal at a restaurant while everyone else orders fries and a third (or fourth ...) beer or regular Coke.

And you know very well there's no such thing as "Just One Bite."

Every single time you tell yourself you can handle having one taste of something, you're wrong. Is it because you're literally powerless in the face of sugar, is your insulin really swinging that hard that you cannot resist? You know that you have a ton of self control. EVEN YOU (I obviously do). This isn't about saying no; by the time you've had the first bite of sugar, you've given UP on saying no. You're saying "yes," and you will continue to do so until it's time to go home or there is no more freaking candy left in the bowl (did you REALLY want a Mounds yesterday? They're VILE!) So don't ever let yourself cross over into saying "yes" to junk. Say "NO"!!

A message from me to you.

I love you (even though you're the weak version of me) because we're the same person. You have a ton to be proud of and you should love the process and love how far you've come. You can go even farther, and you'll be around less and less as time passes, you won't have to read this letter as often. You are strong inside, this is only temporary, and it will pass. Now go get a cup of water and get back to kicking ass.


Strong Ashley

P.S. I'll be back tomorrow morning when you wake up


Ashley is in the process of entering the Texas Shredder on April 13th
Week one progress. Most of what I lost was water retention :) Week 1- I was at 131.8 and week 2- I was at 127.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Working out with the kiddos, using the Walk Mee from Meeno Babies

Hey everyone, I just did a review on the Walk Mee from Meeno Babies, you can look at it HERE. I found some great other ways to use it to get a great and fun workout in while including your little ones as well. I took some pictures to demonstrate!  

Enter to win one on my other blog HERE

Luke loves it so much he did nothing but kick his legs and laugh the whole time, this is great also because you have to take your time in doing your workout so that you do not fling the baby around and in doing so get a better workout in...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Eat Healthy, Save Money and get Organized

I know with my family trying to eat healthy every day can be a hassle when it comes to making different meals every night and trying to keep it interesting. ON top of the eating healthy, saving money and getting organized is also a huge plus when it comes to eMeals...

I am so excited about eMeals and would love for you to give it a go with me! eMeals is a company for people who want to eat healthy, get organized and to save money!

What eMeals do is each week they will send you according to your family size and meal plan that you choose, a planed spread sheet with your weekly dinners along with a very detailed and easy to read grocery list (which is my favorite part). Feel free to check out the website and decide what is best for you but as for me and my family we are hooked.

click button below to check it out and get started! 

And for all you bloggers out there and would like to check out there blogger program Click the button below and check it out, please do not forget to let them know I (Erica Bodker) sent you :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Cilantro Lime Tilapia Tacos

Big thanks to my husband for the Fish Tacos he made just for me, I do not like anything that has a very fishy taste so he made me some Tilapia Tacos.

By the way this is very easy to make...


  • 3 filet's of Tilapia (makes about 5 tacos)
  • cilantro
  • Limes
  • Tortillas
  • I used Feta Cheese 
  • Red Onion
How To:
  1. Cook your Tilapia, Jared used Tony Chachere's for seasoning and cooked in a little olive oil. 
  2. Chop up your Tilapia into small little peaces.
  3. Place your Tilapia on your tortilla, 
  4. squeeze your lime on top of Tilapia 
  5. place your cilatro on top
  6. your cheese 
  7. and eat! 
Simple, fast and yummy 


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