Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Just a small rant! I'm over it.

I have much on my mind, and I'm not to sure how I to get it off my chest without sounding harsh. It has to do with people and body image. I just read an article that a woman wrote about how upset she was about the new movie coming out Suicide Squad. Check it out. Watch it. What do you think?

I personally do not read comics. But I do love movies based on comics. When I first came read this article written by a so-called "feminist." So goes on and on about how upset she is that Harley Quinn the female lead in Suicide Squad is not a plus sized woman. As I read this article, I just could not believe how upset this woman was. Now let me confirm. I have never read the actual comic and have no idea if  Harley Quinn was plus sized. Was she? Let's find a picture from the comic. 

She does not look plus sized to me. But that's just me. There were other photos I saw of her that may indicate that she has a big bum. But that could also come from being fit. Fit women have big bums. Super Heros are supposed to be fit. Why, why must every little thing in today's world have to be about something? Big women, little women, skinny women. Something is wrong if that is what it is all about. No, we do not need to celebrate anyone being "BIG". It's not healthy. Being big is NOT healthy. Not eating is NOT healthy. We need to look not at how someone looks or their size. We need to love one another and stop hating on people. DC did what they felt fit for a Super Hero movie. Why must every little thing be about something? Let's wait and see what the movie is like when it comes out and then we can talk about it. And I'm not talking about the size of someone. As for the woman who wrote this hateful article and claims to be a feminist. You need to take a long look at yourself and I will pray for you. 

The end. I'm done. 

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