Sunday, August 19, 2012

6 Ways to Burn Calories without Working Out!

If you want an easy way to burn a few more calories in your day and don't have time to workout.

1. Drink Ice Cold Water- When you drink Ice Cold Water you body has to warm up the water which in return burns a small amount of calories. About 9 calories a glass. Not a tun so do not expect to Loss weight just by doing this.

2.Eat Spicy Food- Bring on the hotness I love my spicy Food

3.Invest in a Pedometer- Try to walk about 10,000 steps through out your day which equals out to be about 5 miles which in return will burn you an extra 200-600 calories.

4.Park Far- Don't drive around for 5 min. Trying to find the closest parking spot, Park Far and don't be lazy.

5.Cooler Showers- I love my hot showers but when you take a Cooler Shower in order for you body to heat back up it will burn calories.

6.Clean- who doesn't like a clean house, so get up off the couch and clean, keep yourself moving.

There you have it, all though I prefer to Workout over taking Cold Showers lol!




Natasha said...

i love the cleaning bit. I actually am starting to enjoy cleaning my house, it strengthens my bond with it

Erica Bodker said...

I just recently cleaned my house spotless and It so nice, I love it clean lol... and my husband loves me for it lol.


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