Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First time at Lifetime

On Sunday I was complaining about not getting to workout yesterday due to my gym being closed and that would have been the 4th day I did not workout and I was bummed out about it. So my sister-n-law was kind enough to let me join her at Lifetime for a fitness class in the a.m.

Well let me start by saying that place is massive. I have never been before and it was so huge. I'm sure I did not even get to see half of it, I did get to take the kids with me so that was nice. 

The class we took was pretty intense. A lot of cardio, and jumping which i'm not so great about doing (having kids changed my body forever lol) but we both kept up with the class, it was a nice change. Lets just say I woke up this morning feeling a little sore, two bruised knees (no biggie) and not wanting to go workout, but I did and now I am so thankful that I went yesterday. Plus we got to spend to bonding time together doing something we both like to do!

Lifetime, I do like Lifetime and it was an amazing experience, if you have kids and need a nice place to go workout I would say to join Lifetime. The daycare was very nice my son was kicking and screaming not wanting to leave. I would go there just for him to get all of his energy out.


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