Saturday, September 1, 2012

MY Yummy Green Beans without Bacon!

I love my green beans, always have. Actually I love all vegetables, my husband calls me a rabbit. But yes my husband and I use to always eat our green beans with bacon yes bacon, bacon is so yummy. So when I started to eat healthier bacon was one thing that had to be cut from my diet, because just in case you did not know it not not so healthy for you :) So for the logiest time I was having to make 2 batches of green beans one for Jared and one for me. I finally found a way to make my green bean taste well enough for my husband to enjoy them and it's just a small little secret.

Fist I use coconut oil to soften some white onions.
Then I add the green beans 
season them with garlic salt and black pepper
ok now this is the secret, a small amount of LEMON JUICE! yep lemon juice. 
ok so its not that big of a secret but that's how I do it and now Jared will eat them and I can eat them without the bacon. Healthier green beans.

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