Friday, September 21, 2012

This weeks accomplishment!

This week I beat a  challenge, what was the challenge you ask???

Well none other than a wall sit... yep a wall sit... The previous record was 7:00 minutes and I thought to my self there is no way that I can beat 7 minutes let alone hold it for 2 and I did! I convinced the winner of our previous challenge (planks) to join me, Lori held a plank for 8 minutes and what did she do she beat my time by 5 minutes. So no I did not win but I did beat the previous record by 3 minutes.

Yes I did it I held a wall sit for 10 minutes.... GO ME!!!

My personal best!




Julia P F said...

Wow 10 minutes is insane. Great work! I found you on Paula's blog hop

Erica Bodker said...

Yes it was so hard but amazing feeling when it was over!


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