Sunday, September 30, 2012

What fat burners do you take?

Up until this week I was not taking any form of fat burners, for one I did not know what to take, what was not only good for your body but worked. So I asked my sister-n-law what she was taking and she talked me into (it was not hard) buying this all natural pill that is called ULTIMATE THERMOFIT by It Works! Globle. While I was waiting for them to come in she let me try the Green Tea Extract Pills which I loved and i'm going to be buying it tomorrow. But as for the Ultimate Thermofit I am loving it. It does seem to be helping, what it is suppose to do is help make your metabolism faster. If you are looking for something and to try and are not to sure what to use I would try this, it is all natural.

Is there something that you take and love? If so I would love to know about it!

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jmfought said...

I am a Distributor with ItWorks! Global and though I have not tried the ThermoFit yet (its in the mail), my friend and fellow Distributor started taking it and it has made a world of difference for her weight loss goals. She had been dieting and exercising like a mad woman using Lean Moms and other similar programs and just didnt seem to be able to lose very much weight, or at the rate she would have liked. But with ThermoFit the weight just started falling off! Like you mentioned, it boosts your metabolism. This gives you MORE energy to get MORE done while buring MORE calories to help you lose MORE weight faster. Its pretty awesome :) I cant wait to get mine!

Check out my page for more info on the products at or look up my Facebook buisness page called Wrap Me Sexy.


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