Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Change in Perspective

There has been a big shift in my house over the last few months but in the last few days I am really starting to notice. For me my first big shift in my way of thinking was in March. I was running on a regular basis but when people would ask I would always say "oh, I'm not a runner". To me I thought of myself as a "jogger". I am slow and was never running more than three miles. I soon entered my first 4 Miler, then my first 5 miler! I was talking to a friend and she said "I never knew you were a runner". Just like that it hit me. I AM A RUNNER! Why am I selling myself short? Playing down my hard work. I have never done it since and Now I am training for my first half marathon on November 11th! 

So the last few days I have really seen a change in my husband. He is a volunteer firefighter so that helps to keep him fit but he will be 32 at the end of this month and can still eat whatever he wants and stay thin. He has never really worked out a day in his life or tried to follow any sort of nutrition plan other than being stuck with what I decide to cook but he will play basketball with anyone who will join him! Well we decided to go to Academy the other evening to look for new golf gloves and we just ended up wondering around the store. All of a sudden I see my husband pull out a bike. A full size bike for him? Odd I thought. Then he tells me, I have been thinking of getting a bike so I can go out and ride. This was big in our house! Getting out and doing fitness activities is something I have always done alone or maybe just pushing Karlee in the stroller why I run but never with my husband! I mean he comes to my races and supports me but he has no desire to be a runner. I was so excited that he is starting to think more about being healthy then being a certain weight! It looks like we are going to get a family set of bikes for Christmas! Excited to get out as a family! 
Well the next big shift happened at the grocery store. We have been eating a lot healthier and I have been pushing my family to try new things. Well we were at the grocery store and the hubby asks "Do we have Italian dressing at the house?" I replied yes, but why. Then he said......."Cuz I want to eat more salads with my meals". We are lucky that I didn't have a heart attack in the middle of the store! I walked back to produce and got more leafy greens! I was so excited to see this shift in him. I want him to be around for a long time and that means staying healthy! To me it is really important to set a good example for our children on how you should live. I want Karlee to grow up in a health focused house! I remember my parents running 5k races when I was young and we ate plenty of fruit and veggies in our house. I want Karlee to have the same example. I am so excited for what the future holds for our family and to see the changes happening. I just hope the trend continues.....

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