Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Better by design?

So in honor of Erica's awesome Carbohydrate post I wanted to share something that we use in our house that we LOVE! First let me say we know that white bread and white pasta isn't good for us. I personally like wheat pasta but I know plenty of people that just aren't a fan.....I live with two of them! So in the beginning I was making my own noodles and then another pot of noodles for Karlee and Darron. Well that got me I selling my family short? It isn't just about weight. It is about overall health so I started to try different wheat noodles to see if there was something that I could get them to eat that wasn't so bad for them.   The big difference between complex carbs and simple carbs is the time it takes your body to digest them. The more fiber the longer it takes for your body to process it and you have more of a chance to burn it off before it gets stored as fat! So I came across this!
    It is a GREAT compromise for our family. We get the extra fiber to slow digestion and no one complains about the taste or texture!

Lets compare the nutrition labels:

White pasta (we have for crafting): Not the best picture I know...but only 2g of fiber & 210 calories/2oz

Wheat pasta: More protein, more fiber, and LESS calories!

Smart Taste pasta: Same amount of fiber as the whole wheat! Now it is only 6g of protein (compared to 8g in the wheat and 7g in the white)but that is fine and it has the least amount of calories at 180/2oz!! It only has 1g of sugar compared to 2g in the others. It also has more Vitamins and Minerals then the other two!!

They have three kinds at my local grocery store: Thin spaghetti, Penne, and Elbows.

Give it a shot in your household and let us know what you think! You can get a coupon here.

Karlee wanted in on the picture taking so we snapped a quick one! Yes I have on my glasses and no makeup and Karlee has food on her face and no clothes on but hey...that is how we roll! :)

~Allison (and Karlee)


Erica Bodker said...

Awesome post Allie!

Allison Legnon said...

Thanks :) said...

Hopping over from Harvest of friends. Great post. I compromise to not have meals be a fight, but I hate feeding my family junk. Have a great weekend!


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