Friday, October 19, 2012

Trick the eye!

So the portion size in America is WAY larger than what our body actually needs. One trick that I use it to use smaller plates. Sounds silly right? But it really does have a difference when you look at your plate. You eat with your eyes first right? Let's compare....can you rank the amount of pasta in each dish from least amount to most?

Well the truth is all the same pasta but it looks so sad on that big white plate! I am strange and I don't like my food to touch so i tend to use lots of bowl for my sides but another option is to fill they big white plate up with salad or other healthy side dishes. FYI this pasta is recipe is here. We change it up a little by using smart taste pasta, fat free ricotta, and 2% cheese. Yummo!!!


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Author C Michelle Ramsey said...

Hi Allison,

I am following from the hop. This spring I began a combo of eating right & Jillian Michaels and lost 32 pounds! I was so excited and proud of myself, but I do agree the plate size can make all the difference in terms of how you feel about the portion size. I began eating slower also allowing myself to realize when I am getting full, pushing the plate away & not having to have seconds just because it was so good. Great blog. Btw...I am having to go shopping soon because the clothes are falling off too. Feels great! LOL.


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