Friday, November 2, 2012

Getting back on track!

This past week I totally got of track with working out and eating right. 
Especially last night I could not stop eating candy and then late last night my husband brought me home Whataburger (which by the way was amazing). I know this was not a good idea but i'm not sure why I was so hungry and had such a sweet tooth. 

But back to it...

Last week was my last week at the gym till December, due to the fact that i'm about to be in Houston for a month and will not be here. Now there is no excuse for the eating I just got off track and the working out I just have not got out of the house and done anything. (I miss my gym) I guess I have to learn how to do this by myself and at home without the gym! Which is not hard I just need to get motivated.

But starting today i'm going to get back on track, i'm about to go running/walking with the husband and then later tonight I will be doing my own workout here at the house. It time to loss as much as I can before the holidays get going full force, because all the food and cake and coffee .. man I as so excited for the Holidays and being with family but when it comes to will power mine needs to get better. 

Thanks for listening :)


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Helen B. @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

LOVE the new design!! This is my frist time to stop in since you've redesigned. :)

I have to say that the biggest trick to navigating the holidays is portion control. There are SO many good foods and sitting on the sidelines is just not how it goes!!! I personally have found it easier to take "no thank you" helpings (about two-four bites of a food) rather than skip eating most of the things all together. OR you can pick an choose between which ones you like better. If there are four deserts, pick two you would rather eat and enjoy those. :) That's what I did last thanksgiving and it worked really well for me!

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