Wednesday, January 2, 2013

We Cook Wednesday!!

So as promised we tried a new recipe in our house last night! Here is the breakdown of how it went! We made a Broccoli Cheddar Chicken Braid!! Now in attempt to make it healthier I made a few changes to it. Pillsbury now offers REDUCED FAT CRESCENT ROLLS! How exciting is that?! I also used reduced fat olive oil mayo. (You can even get a free sample if you click on the link!) I used good old plain boneless skinless chicken breast that we have grilled out the night before. For the cheese we used Kraft 2% mild cheddar cheese. Instead of the egg yoke I used egg beaters (because that is what I had on hand).

The filling!

making the roll!

All wrapped up! I chose to twist them as a wrapped it...I think it makes it prettier.

How amazing does this look!!

So the recipe says that it makes two braids (I think they would be pretty skimpy to stretch the filling over two of them) but I decided to change up my second one. We have a big ham for new years and I still have a ton left. So with some of the left over filling from the first one I added ham and some parmesan cheese. As you can see I skipped the seeds on top because I figured they were mostly for looks so I didn't want to spend the $$. I think it would be great with some slivered almonds on top!

The ham one!


My house loved this. My two year old even ate it! It is a struggle to find something that my kid and husband will eat without complaining and isn't horrible for you. Even snuck in some green stuff ;). So try this one out at your house. Let us know what you think. Did you change it up at all? If I was making it just for me i would do mushrooms, spinach, chicken, broccoli, and maybe mozzarella cheese? You can also substitute Greek yogurt for the mayo, we do this a lot in our house (I was just out of it today).


Ruchira said...

yummy recipe :)

I like the NEW you :)

happy new year!

Erica Bodker said...

This looks amazing Alli :)

Allison Legnon said...

Thanks everyone!


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