Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 2 of 12

Today is the start of week 2 out of 12.

I am actually still very excited about this challenge and working out today, I did not workout at all this weekend and by yesterday I felt very lazy from not doing anything. I know my body needed a break from working out every day last week, but I still was wanting to get out and go for a walk or something. I also have a secret to tell, I so cheated last night and had a piece of King Cake that my husbands parents brought back form Louisiana. It was very yummy but after I ate it my body went into kind of a shock from all the sugar. I have not eaten sugar like that in so long, I got a tummy ache after I ate it, but It was so good. So it is now time to get started on week two, weigh ins are on Wednesday So we will see how I did for week 1 then.

Updates still to come.


Natasha said...

did that sugar shock put you off from eating that again? I am just interested. I had a small slice of my friends homemade Key Lime Pie yesterday and whilst it was gorgeous, there was no way I could eat second helpings

Erica Bodker said...

Actually I will not have another piece, I had my fix yesterday and yes even tho it was amazing, I can not. But it sure was worth every piece I put in my mouth. lol


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