Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weigh In Day!

Today was weigh in week for week 2 of 12, my first weigh in was on the 17th, I started the chalange at 152.8 my first weigh in was on the 22 and I lost 2 lbs and weighed in at 150.8, today I weighed in at 149.2 and I also lost 1% of my total body fat. I know it does not sound like a huge amount but to me it is, a total of 3.5 lbs is amazing for me! I am not starving myself, i'm always full and i'm working out! GO ME.



Natasha said...

Go you! I am sitting at 182lbs, I would love to be where you are at - sob, have a good week and so will I

Erica Bodker said...

you will get there! and I will :) a little at a time!!


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