Friday, September 14, 2012

For those Ranch LOVERS out there!

For those of you who do not know me, I LOVE MY RANCH... I mean really love it :) I use to put it on everything, pizza, sandwiches and I even put it on my corn, if you could dip something I would dip it in Ranch dressing.

So Ranch is not that healthy for you just in case you did not know that. So of course when I decided that I wanted to become a healthier me I had to do the one thing I did not want to do.... DIET, and that included cutting Ranch out of my life. I was so sad, so so sad I loved my Ranch.

When I decided to start eating right again I realized that I did not have to cut it out completely. What you say? That's right I found a yogurt ranch dressing that taste just like ranch. FYI I do not like the way fat free ranch, it just does not taste right to me. But this does it taste just like Ranch dressing and it made my day. Now no you can not eat a ton of it, or eat it all the time but it will help with the craving.

I bought it at HEB it is Marie's Yogurt Dressing. It has half the fat and calories and has no preservatives.  I am in love! So if you are just dying to eat your ranch dressing this is the way to go. Enjoy I know I will :)

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